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People are often on their best behavior when a crowd is watching. It's easier to send a rude text than to say something to someone's face. Keep that in mind as you navigate difficult people and situations during this time. Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow on June 20, so pay close attention to the ideas, conversations, and plans discussed between then and the beginning on the retrograde on July 7.

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These themes will be reworked or delayed during the retrograde, which ends on July This Mercury retrograde is major for your relationships and will also touch on finances, specifically complicated money matters like debts, taxes, and inheritances. Neptune retrograde begins on June 21, which is majorly frustrating for communication Trusting your intuition, taking it slow, and using the energy for play and creativity rather than detailed planning is the best way to go!

Also on June 21, Cancer season begin, finding you squarely focused on your relationships. Keep a gentle approach to communication and partnering at this time, Capricorn.

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Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24, bringing some sweet messages your way—but again, this isn't the month for clarity, so if you're feeling confused, don't let it get to you, dear Capricorn. This is a lovely time to play things by ear, try something out, and generally experiment.

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Don't make any promises you can't keep! That said, a lovely energy is in the atmosphere. On June 26, Mercury enters Leo, the sign that rules the heart, asking you to speak from yours. Complicated matters will be discussed now, and keep in mind that they'll also be reconsidered when Mercury retrograde begins on July 7.

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Surprises are also in store at the end of this month as the sun connects with Uranus on June 27—this is a fantastic time for adventure! Unexpected thrills arrive. Good luck this month, dear sea goat, and see you in July! Astro Guide. May 31 , pm. His transformative energy will help each of us to begin the new year on the right foot.

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On Monday, Venus moves into Sagittarius, creating a more playful vibe. But be careful with your words on Tuesday, when Mercury and Mars square. When these two planets are at odds, they can make our language unintentionally blunt.

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Meanwhile, the moon moves into Aquarius on Monday and waxes there until Wednesday afternoon. During this time, it will enter an extended void-of-course period , which is when the moon transitions from one sign into the next and for a little while it isn't influencing any sign in particular. Anything that you attempt during this void-of-course period has a high chance of going nowhere, like a paper plane in a windy field.

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