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Horoscopes cover all aspects of life including work, love, friends, family and more. Some are looking for guidance when it comes to making a decision.


Others want to find answers to questions playing on their mind. Some simply check their horoscope as part of a daily habit - there is no right or wrong reason to read the stars.

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From Aries to Leo, Express. The year-old delves into the characteristics of each star sign and the latest planetary alignments that influence life every day. Today's horoscope for Virgo : August 24 - September You're even moodier than usual, which creates confusion in both your personal and professional lives. You might feel an especially strong connection with artistic people.

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Spring onwards is a fine time for taking a trip home or abroad. A joint matter is uppermost in your mind around your birthday due to crucial decisions you must make. If this issue is affecting your health or you are losing sleep over it, seek the advice of others: two heads are better than one! Instead of taxing your system with the wrong foods or overloading it with alcohol, or worse, it's time to take more care of yourself. Doors will open for you and you will be given a chance to shine in the summer.

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In the autumn, your life begins to blossom in beautiful ways. Give full vent to those things you love to do by putting your heart into a personal passion or object of desire. Your powers of communication are also strong. Someone might have developed a crush on you. Who could it be? You have the impetus to launch an image-changing self-improvement programme from January 6.

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Acquiring job skills and breaking unhealthy habits are amongst the possibilities and formulating long-term goals gives you a sense of purpose. Reading, writing and listening to your favourite arts will help you relax. Think about heading to a distant destination in the summer. Keep your expectations realistic for a practical approach will help get your hopes back in perspective.

You like to make things happen and displaying initiative prises open doors that have obstructed personal progress.

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