Native american earth based astrology

This is because Snake represents the healer and spiritual guide. Snake is a curious Totem in that they enjoy a few secrets.

Native American Astrology

This naturally encourages others to seek whatever it is that Snake has hidden. It is not surprising to find Snake people working in medicine or spirituality. They can keep cool in tense situations while also being kind and insightful. Beyond this, Snake people are creative, funny, supportive and passionate when they travel the right circles.

Snake has definite drives that they express readily. These drives change as the person grows and sheds their skin for a new awakening. Snake people do not like having their mind stagnant. They know that their focus on change and progression requires on-going input. Teachers to the Snake are well to remind them to put down the past pains and contentions.

Spiritually speaking, many born under the Snake totem have a higher calling. In this case their passion and aspirations focus on higher realities and the insights they hold. As with Native American Shamans, the Snake may seek a life of service to a belief system and its adherents.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Snake. These people are go-getters that always have a goal and a plan by which to achieve it. Every time they begin to feel less than successful, another prospect or competition comes into their lives. They always have higher standards for themselves than anyone else they know.

If you are born with a Snow Goose Totem you have a great sense of humor, express love liberally to others, and engage all five senses when interacting with others and the Earth. You use resources wisely and have a core of determined energies. Even when things seem impossible, Goose keeps purposefully moving forward albeit at a slower pace than they like. In terms of hearth and home, Snow Goose dives deeply into the task of nest-building, wanting it to be safe, sound and lovely. The problem becomes that the nest, rather than the people in it, becomes the singular focus.

This is a true test for Goose people throughout their lives. They must find ways to connect purposefully with others, and balance that against the latest project. Once achieved, the soul of the Snow Goose blossoms with integrity, sincerity and love. Truthfully, however, a Goose totem stimulates many positive characteristics. Snow Goose remains faithful when they give their word. This has a secondary affect other than emotional support. Snow Goose protects one who is wavering, deeply hurt, or spiritually lost wrapping them in downy comfort.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Snow Goose.

Native American Zodiac Bear

Wolf people seem to be a bundle of contraries at first impression. They like freedom and alone time, but also enjoy a loving relationship that deeply moves two spirits toward the sacred marriage. Those with the Wolf Totem are giving and tender. When Wolf gets too caught up in generosity, however, it can become obsessive.

This is one thing Wolf people can check themselves on from time to time. Wolves do run in packs, and the human Wolf appreciates a small circle of people that they trust. To this Circle, Wolf offers strength and a keen awareness of survival. Additionally, if this is your birth totem you are smart, loyal and have a flair for words. Trust your instincts, they rarely if ever go awry. Wolf medicine involves pathfinding, in their own lives as well as acting in the capacity as a guide for others.

This is where the compassion, mystical insights and gentility of Wolf really shines. Wolf is a seer who is honest to a fault. If you ask Wolf a sensitive question prepare yourself for a candid response. If this is your birth Totem, you always have one paw in two words, the mundane and the spiritual. You are very attuned to your inner voice and may even communicate with Angels and Devas. You are a gifted teacher particularly in the area of care giving and inspiring everyone to walk their true path.

See, Wolf is deeply passionate and a person of faith that translates into how they live, which is very noble indeed. Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Wolf. Of all the Native American zodiac Totems, Woodpecker is the most mothering. People born with this totem practice active listening, using empathy and compassion as helpmates.

When you need a supportive person in your life, look to Woodpecker. As you might guess, Woodpeckers make awesome life partners, parents and friends. In terms of finances, Woodpecker is a frugal bird. They will always plan out their budget using as many money saving resources as possible. This characteristic ties directly to the nurturing nature of Woodpecker. They want to protect those they care about, and this is part of the package. The better they manage their world, the happier Woodpecker people become.

Native American Spirituality

Give them the space for accomplishment and watch this bird soar. As a young adult through to the age of 25 or so, Woodpecker people seek out the perfect partner to whom they can give all their devotion. Woodpecker is willing to give up some energy for self to make their partner happy and secure. The caution to Woodpecker people is remembering that no one person defines your happiness.

That must come from within. One way to support that link is through drumming to the beat of our heart. This is one of the methods Shamans use to go into trance so they can walk between worlds. Such a journey fulfills Woodpecker as it provides soulful substance. These spiritual adventures also often provide Woodpecker with emotional distance to better understand difficult matters of the heart. See if you have enough points for this item.

Native American Astrology: Basics of Personality Based on Your Sun Sign

Sign in. Different types of astrology are used in different parts of the world. Native American astrology shares many of its traits with Western astrology. Just as in Western astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs. Each of these signs have various complex meanings. This book is an introduction to the Native American astrological signs and the personality of each of these twelve astrological types.

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Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

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