Vedic astrology rising sign libra

As a Taurus rising, you have a practical approach to life. A strong work ethic is at the core of your ethos, and you can expect an unrivaled stubborn streak with this ascendant. Think about it—when was the last time you focused on one thing for more than five minutes?

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Exercise is a successful way to mitigate this energy. Everyone loves to come to your house for wine night. You may be a bit of a homebody and have an intense positive or negative, depending on the rest of your chart relationship with your mom.


People can spot you by your gorgeous hair from a mile away. Having your ascendant in Leo can make you quite the showstopper when it comes to your physical appearance. There is no such thing as too much attention for you. Some might accuse you of having Resting Bitch Face—this is rarely the case though. Overthinking is the name of the game and you tend to process information in an analytical manner.

Libra Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

You also hate conflict and avoid it at all costs, which can sometimes lead to passive-aggressive behaviors. Turn up the intensity! With a Scorpio ascendant, others naturally feel your power in a room.

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  7. You demand respect and can accidentally intimidate people for that reason. There is a need to be in control with this placement, and you might have an interest in the occult or just reading your horoscope every day. Always down for a party and always seeing the glass as half full, Sagittarius risings are entertaining and full of posi vibes.

    Aka, you might need to work on your tact and delivery. You also might have a desire to travel the world or make multiple moves in your lifetime. Capricorn risings are reserved, responsible, and serious. Security is fundamental to earning your trust as well.


    Your work ethic is unchallenged and you eternally strive to achieve more and more—especially when it comes to providing for your loved ones. To figure out your rising sign and your moon sign and other interesting details of your horoscope , first you have to map out your natal chart: basically a map of where the moon and planets were at the time of your birth.

    Libra Ascendant, rising sign or Tula Lagna

    You could consult an astrologer to get a reading, but you can also use sites like Astro. All you need to know is your date of birth and the place of time of your birth. Yep, that means you might have to call your parents to get the exact time you were born. Your rising sign is all about self-presentation. Some astrologers say that rising signs can even affect your appearance! Put another way, your rising sign is what you present from 9 to 5 at work. Once that clock hits 5 p. Your ascending sign is also often conditioned by childhood experience, whereas we tend to grow into our sun signs more and more as we age, according to Danielle Beinstein, an astrologer and meditation instructor in Los Angeles, California.

    Libra Ascendant

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